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Instant-Mix Imperial Democracy: (Buy One, Get One Free)

(Not sure if I ever posted this lecture before but it's worth posting again because Arundhati Roy is amazing.)

Instant-Mix Imperial Democracy: (Buy One, Get One Free)

In these times, when we have to race to keep abreast of the speed at which our freedoms are being snatched from us, and when few can afford the luxury of retreating from the streets for a while in order to return with an exquisite, fully formed political thesis replete with footnotes and references, what profound gift can I offer you tonight?

As we lurch from crisis to crisis, beamed directly into our brains by satellite TV, we have to think on our feet. On the move. We enter histories through the rubble of war. Ruined cities, parched fields, shrinking forests, and dying rivers are our archives. Craters left by daisy cutters, our libraries...

(The rest is at the site below.)
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